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Text von Clemens Krümmel für Sikart-Lexikon zur Kunsthttps://www.sikart.ch/kuenstlerInnen.aspx?id=10851807
Interview between Kim Kim Gallery and Corner Art Space, Seoul, about my work Work https://estermann.com/download/Robert_Estermann_interview_KimKimGallery_CAS.pdf

Equestrian Tablecloth, 2021
digital prints on silk, 180×180 cm each (hanged on the wall; the actual prints have a caleidoscopic effect)

(for larger views, click on image and wait for loading)


Riders [working title], 2020
digital prints on paper
all landscape formats: 150×267 cm each (16:9), except “Tilted Shot”: 150×225 cm (2:3)
all portrait formats: 150×100 cm each (3:4)

(for larger views, click on image and wait for loading)


While especially the photos in 16:9 aspect ratio already very much anticipate a filmic view,  actual video recordings of the riders and the horses are always done in parallel as well.
While on the riding.vision website the focus is on video, the source material of the riding works in the physical show will mostly be from still photography, with the possibility of showing some video work as well.
New riding videos from the 2020 shooting (filmed in 60p/4K) are in postproduction and will be ready at the time of the show. One example of an earlier video is Out of the Fog:


All the custom props, and most of the clothes and horse tacks used in the photos and are being collected and will be exhibited in the show as objects as well.



Just two examples of the other works for the show:

Reflections on Windowpanes in a Cartoon with Ourselves as Evolving Fictions, 2005–2015 Ink marker on window panes, dimensions variable

Reflections on Windowpanes in a Cartoon

Love, Serendipity, Passion, Drama, 2010 ink on wall, 72 x 180 cm

Love, Serendipity, Passion, Drama


Selected works: