Esquisse d’exposition pour le Centre d’art Pasquart

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A show combining for the first time in a radical, conceptual way the almost baroque photographic complex research that I grew in the last years, with the minimalistic drawings (and also installations) that have been and are the core of my work since the beginning. One of the ideas is that there is a code, a punctum beyond cultural and formal dichotomies.

Derzeit arbeite ich mit der Edition Fink, Zürich an einer neuen, umfangreichen Monografie zu meiner Arbeit. Diese könnte in Hinblick auf eine oder mehrere Einzelausstellungen in Kunstinstitutionen in deren Zusammenarbeit finalisiert und mitherausgegeben werden (2021-2023). Edition Fink hat bereits andere Publikationen zu meiner Arbeit veröffentlicht, darunter den Manor Kunstpreis Luzern Katalog des KM Luzern (

Speziell gute Einführungstexte zu meiner Arbeit:
Text von Clemens Krümmel für Sikart-Lexikon zur Kunst
Interview über meine Arbeit zwischen Kim Kim Gallery, Seoul und Corner Art Space, Seoul


Equestrian Tablecloth, 2020
digital prints on silk, 180×180 cm each (hanged on the wall; the actual prints have a caleidoscopic effect)


(for larger views, click on image and wait for loading)


Riders [working title], 2020
digital prints on paper
all landscape formats: 150×267 cm each (16:9), except “Tilted Shot”: 150×225 cm (2:3)
all portrait formats: 150×100 cm each (3:4)

(for larger views, click on image and wait for loading)


While especially the photos in 16:9 aspect ratio already very much anticipate a filmic view,  actual video recordings of the riders and the horses are always done in parallel as well.
While on the website the focus is on video, the source material of the riding works in the physical show will mostly be from still photography, with the possibility of showing some video work as well.
New riding videos from the 2020 shooting (filmed in 60p/4K) are in postproduction and will be ready at the time of the show. One example of an earlier video is Out of the Fog:


All the custom props, and most of the clothes and horse tacks used in the photos and are being collected and will be exhibited in the show as objects as well.


Other works considered for the show (through nothing more than loose and incomplete associations at this stage, and of course I don’t want to play curator):

Reflections on Windowpanes in a Cartoon with Ourselves as Evolving Fictions, 2005–2015 Ink marker on window panes, dimensions variable

Reflections on Windowpanes in a Cartoon

Untitled (Wind Grass), 2006 pencil on paper, 29.7 x 42 cm collection CMC agnes b. More such drawings in the link

Two (Clouds and Shadow), Penguin, …

World Drawing Class, 2019 a series of 8 drawings, pencil on paper, 8 parts, 56 x 42 cm each Sammlung des Kantons Zürich, Collection of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

World Drawing Class

Elephant Man, 2005
marker on paper, 100 x 140 cm, or projection

Elephant Man

Alex in Town, 2008 video-performance sandwich cardboard, wood, metal, hidden human engine, 150 x 580 x 160 cm video: 50″, loop, usually presented without sound Alex in Town evolved from Animal, which was shown 2001 in DeAppel Museum, Amsterdam. Other closely related work: Elephant Man (2005)

Alex in Town


Construction for an Acute Plane, 1993-2020 variable dimensions and supports

Construction for an Acute Plane

One or more of the three editions of “Scenic Tongical” newspaper as a loose pile on the floor

Scenic Tongical Newspaper No.1

Scenic Tongical Newspaper No.2

Scenic Tongical Newspaper No.3

Paralel Swimmer, 2013 steel, color (stove enameled), 141 x 144 cm x 209 cm courtesy Kim Kim Gallery, Seoul

Parallel Swimmer

Modern Day and The Bigger Picture, 2008 2-part installation: Modern Day: USM Furniture (74 x 35 x 227 cm), mirror (227 x 140.2 cm), hairband The Bigger Picture: mirror, 470 x 470 x 20 cm

Modern Day and the Bigger Picture

Sissy Circus Announcement, 2010 Wood, plexiglass, paper, metal 100 x 71 x 40 cm

Sissy Circus Announcement

Announcements, 2010 Room installation: wood, 100 ink-jet prints, metal, bleach, 1200 x 1200 x 240 cm


Distant Riders, 2007 installation: 9 digital prints (260 x 150 each) on wood construction, 260 x 580 x 580 cm This work was inspired by the “Zoetrope”, invented by William George Horner (1786-1837) in the 1830s, an optical device that produces the illusion of motion, often equipped with the image sequence of a galloping horse. The images of female riders on secluded beaches in Thailand were taken by Estermann himself and reflect the hallucinatory aesthetic of photography in the 1970s.

Distant Riders

Modern Beach Design (drawings), 2008 a series of 12 drawings, felt pen on paper, 100 x 70 cm each Sammlung des Kantons Zürich, Collection of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Modern Beach Design (drawings)

Calligraphy of a Young Westerner, 1995 ink and pencil on paper, 29,7 x 42 cm More such drawings in the link

Calligraphy of a Young Westener, Viele Angestellte, …

Untitled (Two Sticks), 2006 wood, nails, 137 x 24 x 3 cm Two Sticks (Camouflage Version), 2010 wood, nails, paint, 137 x 24 x 3 cm

Two Sticks

Love, Serendipity, Passion, Drama, 2010 ink on wall, 72 x 180 cm

Love, Serendipity, Passion, Drama