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Riding.Vision, an art project by Robert Estermann




Robert Estermann
Pleasure, Habeas Corpus, Motoricity. The Great Western Possible

With texts (English/French/German) by Elisabeth Lebovici, Daniel Kurjaković, Adrian Lucas, Susanne Neubauer
Preface by Peter Fischer
Edited by Susanne Neubauer, Kunstmuseum Luzern Museum of Art Lucerne
128 pages, 92 ill., 32 x 24 cm, softbound with cover
book design by Simon Fuhrimann, Georg Rutishauser, Zürich
edition fink, Zürich 2007
ISBN 978-3-03746-105-1
CHF 28.00 + shipping

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Robert Estermann
Scenic Tongical, No.1 – Logogogo (Radical Skies)

concept newspaper, edition of 3000
worldwide distribution
16 pages, broadsheet
Concept: Robert Estermann and Georg Rutishauser
Title design: Arve Batevic
Publisher: edition fink, Zurich 2015

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Robert Estermann
Picture Book

A picture journey through some of Estermann’s eclectic works, its spirit and international appearances from 2008-2015. First published in 2015. Table of contents on the last page.


Robert Estermann, Christl Mudrak
Es gibt keinen Ort ausserhalb des Bildes. There is no place outside the picture.

What does an artistic teaching practice which does not remain trapped in its historical and media conventions, but in which through thorough self-perception and the perception of the immediate surroundings the whole setting itself becomes a stage and perceptual instrument, look like?

116 pages, full colour
All texts in German and English
29.7 x 21 cm, Paperback
Publisher: Caustic Window, Seoul 2014
ISBN 978-8995646472
EUR 20.00 / KRW 20000

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Robert Estermann

Artist’s Book
48 pages, full colour 29.7 x 21 cm, Paperback
Publisher: Caustic Window, Seoul 2014
ISBN pending
CHF 22.00 / EUR 18.00 / USD 22.00

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Robert Estermann
Modern Beach Design

Artist’s Book
32 pages, full colour 28 x 21 cm, Klammerheftung, Paperback laminated
Gestaltung Robert Estermann
Publisher: Caustic Window, Seoul 2009
ISBN 978-89-956464-4-1
CHF 18.00 / EUR 15.00 / USD 18.00

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