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Modern Beach Design (prints, book)

Modern Beach Design, 2009 6 inkjet prints on paper, 100 x 150 cm each courtesy Hilfiker Kunstprojekte, Luzern Modern Beach Design, 2009 Artist’s Book, 32 pages, full colour 28 x 21…

here is the alt test

Distant Riders

Distant Riders, 2007 installation: 9 digital prints (260 x 150 each) on wood construction, 260 x 580 x 580 cm This work was inspired by the “Zoetrope”, invented by William…

Riding Vision Flag (Pink Stripes)

Riding Vision Flag (Pink Stripes), 2018 flag fabric (partially superimposed), 162 x 680 cm see also: Riding.Vision project Modern Beach Design (prints, artist’s book), 2009/2011 Distant Riders, 2007