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Der Zeichner

Der Zeichner, 2018 ink-jet print on PVC, aluminium-construction, 209 x 152 x 31 cm shown in: “Contemporary Connections”, Falk30, Berlin, Germany (2019) see also: Double Springboard and Handrails, 2013

Two Boys

Two Boys, 1996-2007 digital C print on flag fabric, 265 x 397 cm Edition 2 (+1 A.C.) Two Boys (Rehearsal), 1995-2007 photograph on baryta paper, 36 x 48 cm Edition…

Last Space (Documenta 11)

Last Space (Documenta 11), 2002 installation: C print on polyester (320 x 515 cm), plywood deputy walls, bleach dimensions variable courtesy Galerie du Jour Agnès b., Paris shown in: “Robert…

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Distant Riders

Distant Riders, 2007 installation: 9 digital prints (260 x 150 each) on wood construction, 260 x 580 x 580 cm This work was inspired by the “Zoetrope”, invented by William…