Appearance in Super System

Appearance in Super System, 2011

A public art project as part of Art Public during Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Beach, USA, December 1–4, 2011

This work included the This is Perfect shanty beach house installation near 2200 Collins Avenue, with facsimiles of drawings from the Announcements series, serving also as meeting point for the events, as well as scheduled impromptu events at the beach daily at 10am and 2pm.


From the press release:

In ‘Appearance in Super System’, Robert Estermann raises questions about the conditions in which art is made, as a form of action based on aesthetic speculation. With the help of some lightweight props, Estermann and his assistant will hold a series of scheduled events in the form of performative lectures in the Collins Park and at the nearby beach, as well as taking part in numerous encounters with individual people during Art Basel Miami Beach. These include ‘Appearances,’ in which individuals are asked to figure out and to perform a subtle gesture or a movement of their body that they have never done before, as a ‘rite of passage’ to the realization of themselves as speculative beings.
Known for his drawings, performances, and installations, Estermann regards the gesture as having the sense of a radical claim, and also urgency, as it becomes an increasingly versatile aesthetic tool of translation between artistic, social, and scientific expression. In an age of touch sensitive electronic devices, human gestures are supposed to have more power than ever before. What happens when people reinvest the same powerful gestures back into the physical space?