Animal, 2001
environment / installation with museum worker, furniture, styrofoam, wood, metal, hidden human engine
dimensions variable

On the entire upper floor of De Appel Centre for Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, a white cube – Sex Mobile – the size of a stretch limousine, was displacing itself throughout the duration of the exhibition like an ice floe through a set-up working environment with tables and chairs. Animal is the first of several works where this cube appears.

shown in:
“UNLIMITED.NL#4”, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

see also:
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About Animal – An installation of different simultaneous speeds and undefined status.

The large long object is called sex mobile. Sometimes it glides at a speed close to immobility. It is changing its angle in relation to the environment, shaping differently the space with the chairs and tables. The idea comes from the dreamlike and sexual experience of movement made by early b/w films.
Sex mobile is the extension of somebody who is in the inside and moves it. It passes tables and chairs. Some people (staff members… ) may work there. One of the tables is lower than the other tables, it has a different hight than sex mobile and the other tables.

Robert Estermann, 2001