Scenic Tongical Newspaper No.2

Scenic Tongical, No.2 – Locomo (spaceless)
concept newspaper with drawings from the Scenic Tongical series
12 pages, 57 x 80 cm
edition of several thousands, worldwide distribution
concept: Robert Estermann, Georg Rutishauser
title design: Arve Båtevik
print: Bechtle GmbH&Co. KG, Esslingen
editor: edition fink, Zurich, 2015

see also:
Scenic Tongical, No.1 – Logogogo (Radical Skies)
Scenic Tongical, No.3 – Machinations of Matter (Stills of Contortions for Instant Translation)
Scenic Tongical (drawings), 2014–2015

The release of the Scenic Tongical newspapers is atypical from that of normal newspapers, and part of the concept. Since the print of the first two editions in late 2015, the artist distributes them «unofficially», sometimes randomly, sometimes discriminately, mostly secretly, at events and places he frequents such as airport terminals, streets, gatherings, parks, beaches and other places around the globe. The official release by the editor is yet to happen.


This iconic newspaper was the main inspiration for the title design of the 2nd edition of Scenic Tongical. Note the DOT after AGE.

The New Age war eine Zeitung aus Portland (Oregon), welche 1896-1907 erschien. Sie war ein frühes Sprachrohr für die Black Community und die Black Liberation. Deren Titelgestaltung (mitsamt dem «dot« nach AGE) diente als Inspiration für die zweite Ausgabe von Scenic Tongical.